Photo The best sites to buy your primary school bag

The best sites to buy your primary school bag

The best sites to buy your primary school bag

The school bag is still the timeless accessory of a schoolboy. So where to buy the best schoolbooks on the internet and how to choose from the ranges? 

The 5 best schoolbag selling websites 

The list of the best school bag sales sites starts with in the lead. This platform also facilitates the acquisition of Internet users through their categorization system: purchase product, promo of the week, smart products or eco ... Then the ranking continues with The Cultura brand is marketing a range of back-to-school items, including a range of primary school binders. 

Then, the list goes on with It is a site selling cheap school supplies. In addition, delivery is free for supplies from 15 euros. also offers a wide selection of school supplies as well as primary school bags. Finally, the list ends with This platform markets office accessories, notebooks, papers and of course school bags. 

How to choose your school bag?

The binder remains a must from kindergarten to graduate school. More than just an accessory, the schoolbag has become a trend for schoolchildren. In addition, the first criterion to take into account when acquiring a school bag is the weight. In fact, the bag must never exceed 10% of the weight of the child. On average, a primary child weighs 22 kg and therefore requires a 2.2 kg binder.

Parents must take into account the ergonomics of the bag. Thus, a briefcase with wide and short straps is essential to promote the growth of the child. Then, to balance the weight, the other criterion to consider is storage. Just two shallow compartments are enough to adjust the weight of the accessory. Strength is one of the important points to consider. A primary school student is demanding a bag with seams and strong reinforcements.

Spending on school supplies

A school binder costs around 10 to 60 euros depending on the model. Added to this accessory are notebooks, clothing, pens, kits, sheets and all school supplies for the fall. On average, the total expense of the new school year is approximately 190 euros. Moreover, the association Familles de France sees an increase of 0.78% in 2017 compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, consumers prefer hypermarkets for their price.

In addition, disadvantaged regions without hypermarkets do not have the possibility to access new school supplies. Fortunately, humanitarian agencies are helping to equip schoolchildren with school materials. The Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation and Tarek Bouchamaoui have distributed school supplies to children in Gabès, Tunisia. Tarek Bouchamaoui undertook this action to encourage the children of Tunisia to go to school.