Photo Discover the profession of primary school principal!

Discover the profession of primary school principal!

Discover the profession of primary school principal!

The role of a primary school principal requires a high level of expertise in teaching and personnel management. This position also has many responsibilities. Therefore, what does this famous job consist of?

Responsibilities of a primary school principal

The nature of the director's missions is based on the size of the school. Some directors are actually responsible for teaching in addition to administrative management. In general, this job supervises and manages the teams of teachers. The director is responsible for structuring school life. He serves as an educational facilitator within the school. These responsibilities are complemented by respect for official school programs and the implementation of pedagogical guidelines.

The primary school principal represents the interface between the parents of students, the National Education and institutional partners. Thus, he is required to contact and maintain relations with parents. Its role is further to promote the establishment by referring to advertising and other means of communication. The director ensures compliance with the discipline and manages the recruitment and training of staff.

How to become a primary school principal?

The director plays a major role within the school. Thus, this job requires a great potential in pedagogy. This profession demands all the more a very good organizational capacity. In addition, running a primary school requires self-sacrifice. Heads of schools are armed with patience and diplomacy towards parents. Also, great relational ease is required to ensure collaboration with other people.

In addition, staffing requires charisma, authority and a sense of leadership. In addition, a diploma of level Bac + 5 in addition to a diploma of studies of teacher with 3 years of services are essential to become principal of primary school. Moreover, the candidate is on a list of departmental aptitude to hope for a job. Then a commission gets in touch with the person concerned for an interview.

The opportunities to evolution

A teacher can become a primary school principal after several years of experience. To fill this position in the public sector, the candidate warrants 3 years of tenured teacher training. Before being hired, the person starts specific training to ensure his new functions. Thus, after 5 years of experience, a primary school principal can become a national education inspector.

The primary director aims to increase the success rate. However, the means are among the obstacles to optimizing academic success. This is the case of Tunisia, where drop-out amounts to 4.3 million students in 2015. Thus, to reduce this figure, the directors benefited from a renovation of their school and a donation from school supplies. These actions were organized by the H├ędi Bouchamaoui Foundation headed by Tarek Bouchamaoui and his siblings. The businessman Tarek Bouchamaoui wants to encourage academic success in Tunisia.