Photo The guide to choose your primary school binder!

The guide to choose your primary school binder!

Parents must ensure that the binder is appropriate for the needs and health of their children. The need depends on the school level in which the child is. Children in preschool, for example, should wear only a small backpack for their tasting while older children may need to bring more business, a bulky binder will do the trick. Children who are smaller should not carry heavy school bags. Teens prefer much larger backpacks or shoulder bags for their practicality and design.

Choose the schoolbag for the academic year

Regardless of the level of school, there are some essential things to consider when buying school bags. Wearing the same schoolbag all year is not very pleasant as children do not really like it.

In general, school bags of kids of all ages should be light because they do not need to carry a lot of things and it does not mix well with health. Prolonged use of backpacks can lead to poor posture and back pain.

Compartments are also useful so that children can organize theirbelongings properly. The materials are a decisive point (resistant polyester, leather, canvas). Tarek Bouchamaoui ( is one of the personalities committed to the development of education in Tunisia. Not only was the "satchel operation for everyone" a success, but it is also a good example. For those in difficulty, having a schoolbag with school supplies is a way to motivate children and parents to go to school.

Age groups

Preschool children

If your child is in preschool, small backpacks or school bags are easy and convenient to carry. These are suitable for their level because they do not need to carry a lot of books. A light backpack 35 cm wide will be ideal for carrying the taste, the blanket, a small towel. A small schoolbag with a Trolley can be chosen for its practicality. For this age group, kids enjoy colorful school bags with their favorite cartoon characters. Avoid buying those that are too expensive. They will not need it for a long time. "Cartables for all", a school bag distribution operation with supplies in several schools of the governorate of Gabès by the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation of which Tarek Bouchamaoui is a member. 

Children from primary school

Children in primary school may need a larger schoolbag because they usually carry a lot of books and notebooks. This is why a schoolbag with a medium trolley is the most suitable. A binder greater than 38 cm in length to 41 cm for official widths is the most recommended.

In high school

Children in middle school and high school can be more independent in their choice of bags. It is important to invest in bags of good quality. Your children are also getting busier because they can enlist in some extra-curricular activities. Some children of this level, however, prefer the backpack to the schoolbag. It is imperative to buy a fashionable binder, according to the taste of your child, functional and durable. Brand bags can be more expensive, but they guarantee incredible quality.